Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thank You Wadsworth Elementary!

On September 24th, two Tuesdays ago, Joy and I visited Wadsworth Elementary School and gave a presentation to four classes of 6th graders. They were the coolest 6th graders I've ever met! (If any of you are reading this- HI! Joy misses you! ^_^ ) The questions they asked were really great questions, like how much food Joy eats and what else Guide Dogs can do if they don't lead the blind.

Joy was a little crazy during the first and the third class but she was very calm during the second and fourth. She did lots of "SuperDog" and "Turtle Dog" for the students too! :)



Yesterday Joy and I got a package in the mail. When I opened it up, I was so surprised to see thank you notes from all of the 6th graders! And after I pulled the notes out, I saw something that looked veeeery yummy for the doggy...
Whoa, this little dog is SOOO spoiled! The millisecond I pulled out the Kong, Joy was in a sit and looking as desperate and sad as she could be. And in case you are not well versed in Kongs, although most puppy raisers are, this is not just a Kong. No. This is an EXTREME Kong. This is like the Kong of Kongs. You could say that it is the King Kong. (ahahahahaha I'm so punny! XD )
Last night I read all the notes that I received. Oh my goodness, they made my entire year! Some made me laugh, some made me a little sad, one made me a little frightened but all of them made me smile! The fact that they all (even the ones who couldn't be there) took the time to write me a thank you note and/or draw me a beautiful picture was just too spectacular.
To Ms. Kuypers 6th graders: You all were the best audience I could ask for. You listened, asked awesome questions and were so gentle and sweet with Joy! I could tell that she absolutely LOVED you all! :) Your illustrations were incredible, by the way. I can't draw to save my life so I was seriously impressed with all of your amazing skills! So many of you said that you hoped I could come back and I hope I can too! I would love to revisit with you all and get to know you better and meet all of you who couldn't be there. Also, Joy would be thrilled to see you all again (she was super exhausted for like 24 hours after meeting and playing with you all haha). I'm sure she would thank you for her gifts if she could just put that Kong down for like five seconds! ;)
I hope I see you all again soon!

Peace, Love, Joy :)

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